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Appraisals: How to prepare and make them work for you

On this page you will find advice and resources to help you make the most out of appraisals. Whether you need help preparing for your appraisal, or need support appraising others - there's something here for everyone!

Make your appraisal meaningful

Appraisals are an opportunity to reflect on your acheivements, identify realistic career and development goals, and agree on how Sussex can support you in your role. Rather than just being tick-box exercise, appraisals provide an opportunity to have a meaningful conversation, to make sure you are motivated and able to perform at your best.

Taking the time to prepare for your appraisal will mean you get a lot more out of the process. Check out our new learning pathway on Linked In Learning which brings together online courses, reflective tools and resources to ensure you get the most out of your appraisal. Visit 'Preparing for your appraisal' and take a look through. 

Are you appraising someone?

The role of appraiser requires a range of skills. Even if you have plenty of experience carrying out appraisals, it's worth refreshing your knowledge and skills to ensure you are meeting the requirements of the role. 

There are lots of things to consider when appraising someone. One thing to remember is that this is the appraisees moment to reflect on their achievements and articulate their aspirations. Coaching and listening are important skills for every appraiser - but do require practise. This TED talk 'How to tame your inner advice monster', includes tips and advice to remain non-directive.



Appraisal forms and guidance 

Academic staff appraisals

Academic staff appraisal form

Academic appraisal guidance

The deadline for completion of academic appraisals this year is 30 October 2022

Professional Services staff appraisals

Please find below links to the new appraisal form and guidance for Professional Services.  Appraisals for PS staff should be completed annually, at the latest by the end of September 2022.

To support the appraisal process, there are webinars available to Professional Services staff and managers on LearnUpon. Login to LearnUpon and search in the Catalogue for "appraisal".

Professional Services appraisal form

Using the form to prepare for and have an appraisal - Guidance for Professional Services staff appraisees and appraisers

Professional Services Appraisal - Flow Chart

Preparing your Personal Development Plan (PDP)

BSMS appraisal scheme for clinical academic staff

Clinical academics where the Honorary Clinical Contract is held with Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust (BHSUT)

Please note 

  • the appraisal year runs 1 April to 31 March.
  • the window for appraisal meetings is 1 May to 31 January
  • appraisal training workshops will be held throughout the year. 

Contact the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, Medical Appraisal and Revalidation team. Email or 01273 696955 ext.7288 if you have any queries.

Go here to schedule your appraisal. 

Clinical academics whose contract is with the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Email Jenny James, HR Business Partner, for more information

For clinical academics where the Honorary Clinical Contract is held elsewhere other than with BSUHT

Please use the form and guidance below.

Technical staff appraisals

Technical staff appraisal guidence

Technical appraisal form

Technical staff competency table

Research staff appraisals

Research staff appraisal form

Research staff appraisal supporting information

ULT Members

Appraisal Scheme for ULT Members [DOCX 50.84KB]

If you have questions about any aspect of appraisals, read our staff appraisals FAQs; or speak with your manager. 

Appraisal Returns

All Schools and Divisions are required to return their staff appraisal completion data annually to HR. Please ensure that the Appraisal Summary Form is completed and emailed to Heads of School and Divisions will receive email reminders

New online course 'Preparing for your appraisal'

We have collated a range of online courses, podcasts and reflective tools to help people prepare for their appraisal. To access the content you'll need to visit Linked In Learning here.