Audiovisual technology

We install and maintain audiovisual equipment for many of the rooms on campus and support staff who require assistance while teaching in General Teaching Space (GTS) rooms.

We also lend equipment to presenters and lecturers and provide a range of audiovisual services including training on how to use the AV equipment in teaching rooms.

Microphones in lecture theatres
All lecture theatres have a microphone on the lectern but many rooms also have lapel or portable mics available for use. These are secured in strongboxes at the front of the theatre. In 2016, we're introducing new strongboxes that are opened with a Salto access card:

AV Technology in General Teaching Space

Teaching rooms have traditionally been equipped with facilities for both DVD and VHS playback but the transition to newer technologies is now underway.

All new teaching rooms, including those in the Jubilee building, are being fitted with BluRay & DVD playback, plus digital document cameras as standard. Due to the high costs of sourcing obsolescent and scarce equipment, teaching rooms will no longer be fitted with VHS players, OHPs or 35mm slide projectors.

A small stock of VHS players and slide projectors will be kept for loan from the IT Service Desk in Shawcross but they will not be replaced when they reach end of life.

Online help

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Immediate support
You can call us for immediate assistance with the IT equipment while you’re teaching.


Monday-Friday 9.00am-5.30pm
(call 01273 678022 if not using an internal phone)

Be respectful towards our staff
We know technology can be frustrating at times. If something's wrong, we want to fix it but please don't be rude or abusive to people who are trying to help.